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The PDA stands for The Personal Development App. The PDA is a mobile app that is available on iPhone and Android platforms and offers users who download it a world of personal growth content from hundreds of personal growth experts. The PDA has become the largest personal growth content based mobile app on app stores and has a wide range of features and ways to learn from the experts in the app. The PDA is free to download and 99% of the content is free to experience. For a personal growth expert it becomes a "marketing platform" to share your business, your messages and engage with our users further in your programs and services.

Personal growth teachers take a look through this site to discover what options you have to participate in the app, whether it's setting up a profile to share content or by joining one of our special projects connected to the app. And... make sure you download the app too. Simply go to the app stores on your phone and search The PDA.

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PDA Projects

Besides joining the PDA as an expert you can be a part of other aspects of the app by participating on one of the projects we have launched and is connected to the PDA in some small or BIG way. Check out our current projects below.

The Personal Development Directory

Using our incredible and unique Tracka'Book tracking system built into the PDA, you can advertise your business in the Personal Development Directory through either a 2-page listing and special offer code that users track and get deals directly from you or a full page color ad to market something you have while also being listed in the book. This directory concept has the potential to reach 10's of thousands of people with a minimum of 5000 books being put into circulation. This is an amazing and inexpensive way to be a part of the PDA and beyond!

Go Here For Details and to Sign Up

The Path to Transformation
e-Course Series & Training

You give a 20 minute talk at one of our 3 events (September - November). We record these talks and then add them to a powerful Mega e-Course called The Path To Transformation. You will be one of ONLY 21 messengers in this course and the lesson you offer with your talk being the main message will invite people to signup for a custom e-course(s) you offer. This project is extremely limited and specifically created so you can make money selling your own e-course through the PDA while getting massive exposure to our 10's of thousands of app users and tribe.

The PDA Guide To... Tracka'Book Series

The PDA Guide To... Books are compilation books of up to 7 authors sharing their wisdom around a particular topic the book is focused on. This is part of the Tracka'Book program, which you can find out more by going here -

AMPx Workshop and Training

One of the most exciting projects connected to The PDA is our one to two day training event where we teach you how to move your business and message into the mobile app space and how to leverage apps like The PDA to share your message, engage with more people and ultimately make more money. If you have any plans to use apps as a marketing tool then this is a MUST event to attend.

Go to

The Awakened Series

The Awakened Series was our 2019 project where we connected with over 50 personal growth teachers from around the world to interview them for our Documentary series, include them in our mega-Awakened Series e-courses, be featured in our Awakened Series Tracka'Books and be listed in the PDA.

The program is now closed.

The PDA e-Course feature and Store

In September of 2019 we will release the newest version of The PDA (version 3.0) and it will feature one of our biggest updates to date - The E-Course Technology and Store. Our experts will now have an opportunity to directly monetize their message through the app by creating multi-lesson e-courses and offering them for sale through the app. Our app users can order the courses directly through the app or on this website. All courses are delivered through the app using our unique e-course system offering convenience and a powerful user experience. Scroll down to the bottom to learn how to get setup with an e-course creation account and start profiting from your own courses.

Awakened Self
MEGA E-Course

Featuring 15 Experts

Awakened Health
MEGA E-Course

Featuring 12 Experts

Awakened Purpose
MEGA E-Course

Featuring 9 Experts

Awakened Community
MEGA E-Course

Featuring 9 Experts

Awakened World
MEGA E-Course

Featuring 8 Experts

The Path To Transformation
MEGA E-Course Vol. 1

Featuring 21 Experts

How can I offer my own e-courses and make money selling them through The PDA and your other apps?

Our e-course technology is connected into three different apps. The PDA is one, Natural Living App, and our new Experts Insights app. Any person who has an E-Course Creation Account can offer an unlimited number of e-courses through these apps (for Natural Living your course needs to be health related).

All of our app users, in each app, will be able to see your course for sale (sell from $0 to $199) and purchase or signup to take that course. The course delivers content you provide to us and we build the course (no tech skills needed). When a course sells you make 40% - 60% of the sale (in app purchases require a commission to Apple or Android of 30% so the 60% cut comes when the course is sold through this site).

Set Up Your E-Course Creation Account here:

Cost: $199
(Unlimited Courses)

Our other mobile apps and Technologies
Want to move your business into the mobile app space?

Your Custom Mobile App

Each custom expert app has the Tracka'Book technology built into it so a person is directed to download YOUR app to track it, which offers you the benefit of building your own list from the flow of your books.

The Personal Development App

The PDA is the largest personal development content focused app on the app stores and has the Tracka'Book technology built into it. Each of your books tracked in the PDA leads back to your profile.

The Natural Living App

The NLA is focused on natural living experts and topics and has the Tracka'Book technology built into it. Each of your books tracked in the NLA leads back to your profile in the app.

Expert Insights App

Expert Insights is for all businesses or experts who don't fall under personal development or health topics and has the Tracka'Book technology built into it. Each of your books tracked in the EI leads to your profile in the app.

Three Ways to join and contribute to the pda

Besides joining one of our projects (See our Projects Page) you can simply join the PDA as a personal growth expert. We have two rules in being a part of this app as an expert - 1) All content needs to be uplifting, positive and focused on making a difference in people's lives (no negative, hateful, racist, or political content) and 2) you need to have a website that shows you are a personal growth teacher in some way. Look at the options below to join at different levels of teaching and participation.

Basic Listing

Create an Account, List Your Business and Offer Your Programs

Our Basic Listing sets you up with a listing in the app where when someone touches that listing they will be taken to a special offer from you. Promote a program, event, coaching program, product or whatever you've got going on at the time. You can change this offer whenever you want. Simple, effective and inexpensive way to participate in the PDA.

Cost is $199 for 1-year.

Full Profile

Create an Account, Share Content and Engage with our Users

This is by far the most effective and most popular option to be in the PDA. We set you up with your own FULL Profile account which allows you to offer ongoing content to our audience and give them ways to connect and engage with you directly. Do you have existing content or create content consistently? This is perfect for you.

Cost is $495 for 1-year in the app and a FREE ticket to AMPx Event to learn how you can effectively make money with your app account ($199 value).

Educator / Trainer

Come to our Event & Teach an Hour Long Training That We Livestream

One of the features in the app that we will be focusing on through 2020 is the Educators / Trainings section of the app where we livestream broadcast and feature trainings from high level leaders. We offer this only 3-times a year at 3-locations (you'll teach live - a 60 minute training) and it is limited to 5 experts per location.

Cost is $1997 and gives you exposure to our entire app audience in an exclusive category. Includes FULL Profile listing and AMPx Event Ticket. Subject to approval.

What is the difference between the three options?

Watch the video to the left to understand the difference between having just a listing, sharing content in the app via a full profile or being an Educator / Trainer which puts you in front of our entire audience offering a 1-hour live training.

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The Path to Transformation offers a unique opportunity to speak at one of three special LIVE events and be added to The Path To Transformation Mega e-Course while being taught how to create, market and sell your own mobile app e-courses.


The Creators of The Personal Development mobile App is offering a unique opportunity to be a part of an upcoming e-course where we feature the talks and messages of 21 personal development teachers and their own e-courses they sell to provide a deeper exploration of their business and message.

Locations of each event - Toronto, San Diego, Atlanta or Florida
what happens at the event - build your course at the event
What you'll learn - how to create a course, how to sell it, how to make money from it and how to create "course projects"
What you'll offer as a speaker for the mega ecourse - as speaker in the PTT the mega course is designed to drive traffic and interest to your overall course.

Your Host and Coach

Robert Evans is the co-founder of App Bros Design and will be leading these events and workshops teaching you how to monetize your message in the mobile app space with specific focus on creating and selling your own app e-courses. Robert has been teaching messengers in the personal growth space for over 20 years and in that time has either directly sold or helped sell millions of dollars of e-course packages. Now with the access and power of mobile apps he wants to take a whole new group of messengers down the path of launching their own apps and generating passive income from it.

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